Amazing: How Using a Copywriter Is The Most Powerful Way To Transform Your Website Content

There are 1,295,973,827 websites in the world as of January 2020 according to Netcraft’s 2020 web server survey. And the number continues to grow, even as you read this article.

That’s a lot of content. It’s astonishing to think about that number, since the 1st website was recorded in 1991.

Nowadays businesses, organizations and content creators use their website to get noticed, build a following and grow there local or eCommerce business.

What I provide is brilliantly conceived and written website copy, that builds customer engagement, brand loyalty, and sales for your business. While sequentially gripping the problem your client losses sleepover and showcasing the importance of your service in a way that demonstrates why they need it to live a more comfortable and enjoyable life.

Writing web content today requires a focus and knowledge of SEO tips and tricks which piggybacks on content fresh as newly cleaned laundry that is 100% original.

It also requires the intimate knowledge of keyword research so you know what words and phrases to target.

Why is this important?

Getting your website on the first page of google… and even better at the top of googles search results page requires weaving in keywords for SEO seamlessly and elegantly. Not amateurishly keyword stuffing your article with words you can’t even rank for.

Makes sense doesn’t it?

If you want to know what else you need to do schedule your appointment and fill out the client copywriting briefing template. And let’s figure this out together.

How can a freelance web copywriter help stop a reader in their tracks?

Most people spend about 10 seconds scanning your site, and then they’re off, it’s called bounce rate. So how can you get great web content to grab them, and hold on for dear life, like a toddler that refuses to give up their binky?

It’s about thinking how the information needs to be delivered and communicated it in such a way it resonates deeply with the reader.

It’s about understanding the user experience.

How will they navigate through your site, and interact with your content?

How will the potential client be taken on a journey through your site?

What makes them stop and think? What makes them want to own your product, or take it home with them?

Why you need a professional SEO copywriter like me

Are you starting a new business and need help with your site mapping? Or need fresh new web content? Are you rebranding your company and need some new optimized web copy that demonstrates your new identity?

Let me help.

I’ll start by gaining a detailed understanding of your business, your goals, and your brand values. I’ll work with you to discover your target audience. We will also go over what other sites, and copy you already like that you have seen.

You may find the client brief copywriting template of some use. It helps me understand you and your business down to the root of what gives it life and personality. Your business is a representation of you right? We need to tap into that.

What I do next is what I call true transparency. I will write a heading and a paragraph in a few different copywriting styles to give you some options to consider. If you need copy from scratch, I would prepare a copywriting outline, organizing what each page should cover, optimizing it for maximum potential.

We don’t want to waste time or have misunderstandings. Before we move forward we both need to get a glimpse of what it’s like to work together.

Sounds direct and to the point doesn’t it?

Working with me is exactly that. If you want to know more and learn how I can increase engagement, sales, and more, schedule your appointment and download the client brief copywriting template. Fill it out and let’s create something we are both proud of.

P.S. You can lose a lot of traffic and business with the wrong content creator at the helm. But you can’t lose when you accept this no-risk offer. If, after you download the client brief, book the appointment and get my first draft and you’re not convinced that this is going to take your website to the highest level you can keep what I’ve completed at no cost to you.

Let’s create something we’re both proud of.

All the best,