How Does A Freelance Saas Copywriter Save My Start-up From Failure?

Saas is a booming business sector. Making its way on to the scene in the 1960s.

What’s known today as cloud computing or Software-as-a-Service is still thriving today with no signs of slowing down. The industry boasts a combination of innovation, security, and usability that keeps our digital age afloat.

But what’s shocking is how many Saas start-ups fail. Not for the lack of talent from there engineers or idea gurus.

But from a lack of appealing to the consumer. Not being able to effectively solve a problem is easily fixable. It really is trial and error.

But doesn’t have to be.

So what causes so many start-ups from getting over the hump to the promised land of the NASDAQ and the private jet charter? One word… copywriting content (okay, two words 🙄).

Why you need to hire a professional Saas copywriter like me

Many might not know this about me but I to dabbled in the tech industry and held the title of software engineer for a time. And what I learned is this.

You can have an amazing product, be funded well and have brilliant programming minds on the payroll.

But if you can’t get it in the hands of the consumer your startup team will be packing up their cubicles faster than a blink of an eye.

What, you thought funding was infinite?

With great copy for your brand or Saas software, you can slide gently into your target audience’s lives, have them using your service and giving you excellent valuable feedback that will actually solve their problems (and yours).

I help you to build trust and social acceptance while showcasing your software in a way that proves it’s what your customer needs.

You need a copywriter that understands how software and programming work.

I offer an insider relationship that empathizes with the users of your digital product and explains why it’s important to them in a way that speaks their language.

Can’t I just hire a blogger?

Sure, you can have a blogger write your web content, ad or sales page.

But they will not have the same passion and the experience of sitting in front of a computer knowing how your company put their heart and soul into that application to make there lives less stressful (I remember typing countless lines of code and debugging, I get it).

It’s the emotion left on the page when offering your service that get’s your product downloaded and used by so many.

If you want the software to be used more, and appreciated by your target audience, employ a copywriter that understands the business.

The corporate mobile market with Saas is expected to be worth $7.4 billion by 2021! So why are there so many Saas start-ups underperforming?

I think you have an idea now (and it’s not automation).

What’s next

If you want to improve your conversion, get more downloads, more clicks, and more traffic to your page, schedule your appointment and let’s work together to figure this out.

Don’t forget your copywriting client briefing template. This will help me understand your company goals and vision.

It’s also good because you may ask yourself questions you never did previously. I use your client form to develop a simple strategy to create copy that sells.

P.S. There are over 10,000 privately owned Saas companies, and they generate less than 3 million in revenue per year… combined! The ease and cost of starting a Software as a Service company has declined. So with more saturation comes less uniqueness. Great Saas copy gives you the upper hand.

Let’s create something we’re both proud of.

All the best,