Is Your Small Busines Failing With Direct Mail Marketing? How Direct Mail Copywriting Keeps Your Mail Out Of The Trash

Have you been sending out direct mail campaigns, only to come up short on leads? Are you about ready to call it quits and focus on other marketing strategies?

A direct mail copywriter can solve this problem. Keeping your business in the game, and having new customers visiting your business or website faster than greased lightning!

Why is my direct mail not working?

There’s no doubt direct mail, is calculated, accountable and more affordable than ever. But what good is that if no one reads your brochure, flyer, newsletter? Or worse they do read it and it’s not clear on what’s in it for them.

Being able to tailor your direct mail campaign is just one part of the equation. If you target your ideal prospect but don’t speak in a language they understand your efforts are falling on deaf ears.

Don’t be fooled. A nice presentation get’s them to glance at your direct mail, but, we are all busy people. And if what you have to say doesn’t grab their attention a glance is all you get, then in the trash, it goes.

Why is direct mail so important?

Now, before you go quitting direct mail marketing cold turkey, understand that marketing this way has it’s bonuses. And with the right adjustments you can own the mailbox. Attracting customers to your local business or website.

Check out these statistics on direct mail and tell me you want to throw in the towel:

  1. Direct mail recipients purchase 28% more items and spend 28% more money than people who don’t receive the same piece of direct mail.
  2. Direct mail offers a 29% return on investment
  3. 73% of American consumers say they prefer being contacted by brands via direct mail because they can read it whenever they want.
  4. Advertising mail is kept in a household for 17 days on average
  5. The USPS says  60% of catalog recipients visit the website of the company that mailed them the catalog

These are just a few stats, there is so much more. This way of marketing is in the very fabric of our culture. Actually starting back in the 1800s forbes.com reports. And confirming it’s relevance in today’s modern digital world.

Why hiring a copywriter like me is a better choice than giving up.

Getting the attention of your lead is my specialty. I will craft compelling copy accompany your snazzy direct mail campaign. Starting with an attention-getting headline that demands curiosity to learn more and has them eager to keep reading.

Then as they continue reading, I will present your companies brand in such a way it oozes empathy and conveys how your product solves their unique problem and hooks into them why your product or service is so special.

I can also help you set up coupon codes or discounts, that not only bring in the customers but also help you keep track of how many people respond and who responds.

Next, we can incorporate some temptation with a powerful and irresistible call to action, that screams exclusivity.

For example, sale ends at midnight or free delivery on all items purchased when they come in with the flyer.

You can even add the coupon code you created above, add it to your direct mail campaign and give a discount or free shipping on all orders made on your website.

Direct Mail is very unique, it’s the only form of marketing that can stimulate most of our senses. It creates a sensory experience, through touch, sound, smell and sight.

These emotional connections can be extremely powerful when building your brand.

As your direct mail copywriter I help your business increase sales and acquire new customers.

Do you want to talk about working together to improve you direct mail marketing efforts?

Then schedule an appointment. And download the client brief template, filling it out before our appointment.

It will help us stay on track, keep us from missing any important details and uncover how you want your business to be represented in your emails.

Important: giving up on direct marketing for the allure of digital marketing may seem like a good idea.

But that’s until you think about the founder of Postcard Mania.

A company that does nearly $50 million per year selling incredibly successful direct mail campaigns to thousands of small businesses.

“People have been claiming direct mail is dead for years” said Joy Gendusa.

She didn’t listen.

P.S. Please keep your direct mail out of the trash – don’t miss out on all the potential growth there is with this marketing strategy – when you employ a qualified direct mail copywriter. Schedule your appointment to get started.

Let’s create something we’re both proud of.

All the best,