How Does a Copywriter Make Your Ad Irresistible?

So you want to buy a new iPhone, what is is the first thing you do?

Well nowadays you just reach in your pocket, grab your phone and hop on google.


Because that’s were the reviews and the blog articles are. But why do you need to read articles, reviews, or watch YouTube videos about the phone you want to own?

What is ad copywriting?

The simple answer, it’s a persuasive way to position a product with the written word, that solves a burning problem a consumer has.

And the truth is you’re looking to be sold.

Our brains are curious. Our brains need to go through specific steps before we pony up the cash for a new item. The fact is, we read a minimum of 10 reviews according to a study done by Brightlocal.

What are we looking for? Social proof!

Ads give us the initial step to do more research. That is why it costs $5.25 million dollars for a 30-second spot during the Superbowl says businessinsider.com. Ads hold our minds captive, and if it’s done properly we can’t help but spend the money, even if we don’t actually have it (ala credit).

When we go to do research is when the copywriting shows us who’s really boss (what? you that it was you).

Why is ad copywriting so important?

Humor me for a moment and consider this. The car you drive, was it exactly what you needed, or was it what you wanted?

We make purchases all the time that are irrational. And we do it because of advertisements. Why do think we are bombarded with between 4,000 – 10,000 new pieces of new advertisements every day! if you want to see how we don’t go crazy check out the article from red crow marketing.

So what’s my angle?

It’s that ad copywriting is the most important thing in advertising. Yes the packaging matters, and the model should be pretty or handsome but ultimately, if the copy is done right we will buy it.


My job is show the client, prospect or consumer what’s in it for me (them). I deliver a scientific strategy that hits on every point required for the visitor of your website or store to say, yep I want that, I need to own it now! where do I sign, scribble or stand in line to get it.

Why should you hire a freelance copywriter to write your ads?

When I started writing I fumbled and bumbled over every word, and to my surprise I still do at times. The key ingredient I offer is I am meticulous, copywriting is an art form, where the page, book, or billboard is my canvas. Whether it’s a long ad or short. I pour over every word, every sentence and every comma until I turn a humble copywriting ad into a pearl of perfection.

I plead with you, don’t be lured in by websites that offer copywriting services that force people to bid for your work.

Don’t get me wrong, you can at times find a diamond it the rough. if your budget is small then do what you got to do. I started there and most do nowadays, but there are exceptions to every rule.

A good freelance copywriter is priceless, we do more than write copy, we make sure to understand what makes your brand unique and different.

I offer this advice, the more precise your client brief is, the better the creative work. I can also help you fill it out if you need. You would be surprised how many businesses don’t know what there USP (unique selling proposition) is.

And that’s okay. What’s not okay is ignoring it and trying to sell products anyway.

How can I write a supercharged business-boosting ad for you?

  1. I’ll make your ad clear as crystal for your target audience or profile.
  2. I’ll give you a choice of ad concepts, ranging from safe to bold and daring.
  3. I’ll engineer irresistible headlines that scream – “hey we’re right here” while clearly stating the problem your product or service is going to solve.
  4. I’ll also write sizzling body copy that is charismatic and shows your client why the benefits are must-haves.
  5. And to sum it all up, I’ll end your ad with a call to action so powerful, people will be trying to fax you in their orders (yeah, I said fax)

Why not schedule your appointment to find out how I can help do more? And forget to download your client brief template.

P.S. There are very few successful businesses that do well without great copywriting. Scheduling an appointment offers you an opportunity to see what I can do without any risk to you. You can examine the work of the first draft. If you don’t like what you read we step away. It also gives us an opportunity to see if we are a good fit (hopefully we are).

Let’s create something we’re both proud of.

All the best,