Your Neighborhood Copywriter

The Mission

Create great conversational copy that’s clear, readable, and produces brilliant results for both you and the customer. 

What I Do

I use copywriting to remove obstacles people have about a goal and solve problems for my clients and their customers. 

My Story

My name is Rockey Simmons Jr. Since I can remember I have always been in love storytelling. I would sit up late and listen to my folks and friends talk about life and their childhood. I was fortunate to have exposure to adults that had deep stories to tell. I also learned a lot about triumphant victories and epic failures. That primed me to become involved with being a problem solver through my words.  

I worked as a Respiratory Therapist for 6 years after graduating from college because of my affinity to help people. After working in medicine and dabbling in software engineering for a few years, 

It took time, but I found copywriting and haven’t looked back. Being able to write about all my favorite topics, new subjects and diving deep into product research has been a blessing. 

Great Copy Recipe


Work together to discover what your vision is and what you want your target audience to achieve. 


Work together to define what problems we are trying to solve for your client. To make sure they are solved.


Answers all the right questions so your customers have a clear direction of next steps after reading the copy.


Focus on customer desire and the major benefits your customers receive from your service or product.


Why Choose Me?

I Develop a connection, and  focus on what the customer needs to here to remove all obstacles. 

I understand in order to get results, you have to speak in a voice and tone, your audience uses. This is a science and I use it in my writing.  

Reliable, flexible and having great communication comes standard with this model 🙂